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Track Name: Beast of Beats (w Sakman on guitar)
fee fi fo fum i smell some primal funk
following the scent below i spelunk
into the cavern with a recorder
and a lantern so i can see sorta
in the deep horror lives a beat hoarder
what its in the form of its tough to be sure of
it could be a troll, it could be a ghoul
it could be cold and it could be cool
i do not know and i don't need to
i will not grow if i don't eat loops
and they gotta be fresh and full of sweet juice
to have you feeling loose and bullshit proof
i was moving though a tunnel when poof
a funk cloud puffed out a puddle of poo
and there he was, the holy beast of beats
he opened his beak and began to speak
i know who you are and what you're here for
you heard my shitar and you want to hear more
and i'll give enough to leave your ears sore
if you make a quick run to the beer store
pick up 3 or 4 bottles of strong brew
and i'll whip up a few funktarded tunes
uncharted choons to uncork your tubes
cool down your pipes and upspark your doobs
so i cruised over to the store
for some booze we could use to fuel the score
to heal the wounds tore by the ruthless storm
loops that soar paranormal like unicorns
when i returned to the home of the muse with horns
from the cold quiet came music warm
i watched the way the choons were born
to wash away the doom from its putrid core
i walked away with a tape so great
i went back to the cave almost every day
of course with more cold brew to pour
if i showed empty-handed the brute would roar
once time the thing got so angry
it threw one of the empty bottles at me
i couldn't cope with what happened after
i stood alone when the glass had shattered
because it wasn't the bottle that broke
the bottle broke a mirror, i was the ogre
all along, it was hard to swallow at first
but after i thought it over
i was relieved when i realized
i no longer needed the beast for these vibes
i left that cave so alive i could die
but i had my sights set on the highest of hieghts
time to climb and climb and climb and climb
Track Name: Climb (w Tim Gill on bass)
walkin on up a hill
rockin hip hop
stoppings impossible
i must climb to the top
feelin tough, tough enough
not to bluff about the bluff
lost the crutch, ditched the cuffs
rolled the dutch, and lit it up
huff and puff, puff and huff
open up and go up and up
pushing through the bushes and the
brush into the summit sun
summer's done, fuck your fun
time to build these muscles some
push and pull, pull and push
pump until you're feeling young
fearing none, free to roam
tearing from your predisposed
worrysomeness, we're reaching this
on our own yet not alone
whether weather's hot or cold
rain or shine, we gotta go
gotta earn trust to grow bonds that cannot be broke
life's a bitch, not a hoe, she's a pimp probably though
rockin gold and lots of jewels,
talkin bold and droppin fools
no remorse or discourse just the force of its roars
whats in store, noone knows, so before comotose
lets explore existence,
the path of least resistence
often leads to awful lives
trapped in deep repentance
if we endure persistant
and follow intuition
we can live with a love
that swallows inhibition
its time to quit the bitchin
and ditch the damn conniption
fits of bad intention
clog up the cognition
its mental constipation
caused by constant fakin
when chopperman is on the mic
and tim is on the bass its
funky like loud smoke
funky like alpo
funky like the crowd goes
when we hit the brown note
Track Name: 6th Sense (beat by The Dingo)
reminiscent of jumpin rope
this is a double dutch instrumental
so i'm ascending high above the globe
sending vibes above the lobe
what might just cure some of your woes
could be right under your nose
sometimes you don't have to throw blows
you can conquer your foes with punchlines alone
sometimes they're rhymes sometimes they're jokes
fun times are what makes a life livable
so i hit the bowl and fly with the gulls
i think i chose the right rituals
but its time to switch the boozin
with some bicycle cruisin
i no longer need to drown my confusion
i found my position, its now time to use it
now everything sounds like some music
mindfulness is how i get tuned in
i tripped on a stem and fell right in union
aligned with the moon to shine in the gloom den
i wrote this with lungs full of mucus
a brutal virus brought bronchitus
it whooped my ass with symptoms ruthless
it tried to off me but i chopped it like this
Track Name: Let Yourself Be
cruising along, feeling the breeze, singing my song, feeling at ease
at least enough to enjoy myself
on the one feeling the beat having some fun just being me
i caught a vibe that caused the ice to melt
like the sun, i feel its shine, i see its sound, i hear its light
it pulled me up from my hell
it broke me down and built me back, and showed me how to build these tracks
it woke me up from my spell
now i'm awake and well aware of how to make the silverware
bend just using my mind
i imagine it happening and then manifest it
just using my rhymes
in a mud puddle my rhyme pad'll float like a paddle boat
whatever thats supposed to mean
i suppose it means my poetry can ride through the grime
to the other side, coasting clean
food and drink, a room to sleep, shoes and clothes and rhymes and beats
is about all that i need to survive
2 and 3 are after 1 and then the 4th and 5th will come
and thats how you count to 5
stupid, yes, but i do my best to come through and bless the loops with fresh
lyrics from the heart
in lawrence ks usa like j quest
i've been down for my art from the start
buying tapes, refining my taste, trying to create and finding my place
and finally now i'm here
nearly aligned with the stars in the sky, now i can fly so far and so high
i might not come down all year
that was a lie but thats how i feel, thats what i write, thats how i deal
my weed and my pad are my meds
i love this thing i call a life, so i'm'a try not to die
the biggest killer is stress
so lets relax and let loose, take deep breaths and keep cool
peaceful as john lennon
let it be, let it be, let it be, let it be
and let yourself be with it
Track Name: Still a Kid (beat by 9 Beat Combo)
standing still, i'm dancing still
man i'm chillin feelin like a half a mil
been working hard as fuck, still can't make a buck
but i can't complain because i can't believe my luck
for instance, 9 Beat Combo
sent this divine beat pro bono
it put my life in slo mo
just what i needed, thats why i'm weeded
time likes to freeze like the breeze but i can freeze it
with these frosty beats and siberian lyrics
some vibes carry the spirits that hear it
so high they're free, if only for a minute
from the moment my lonely soul ascended
from the flowin i've been so commited
to the sound of a truth open-ended
the fountain of youth, i'm soaking in it
i'm still a kid
Track Name: You're Human, Its Fine
serving up a cold slice of soul pie
wild how we get so high on the lofi
sometimes the bullseye's so wide
i don't gotta aim when i let the flow fly
some rhyme schemes provide a swell guide
some lines seem to write themselves right?
unwind, you're human, its fine
relax your mind and loosen your spine
anxiety can grow to be
a giant beast if allowed to over-eat
it feeds on trepidation and insecurity
it drinks impatience and pisses urgency
it stinks of desperation horribly
it taints the present moment abhorrently
besides suicide there's no way out
so settle right down into right now

n-o-w, thats the word
now is won not just when its spelled backward
practice presence til its mastered
to soar free as the Ol Dirty Bastard
reincarnated as a bird, toucan clan
n-e-s-t-e-d man
protect your nest like inspector peck
but never let the predators make you sweat
they want to scare you because they're afraid
misery loves company and fear's the same
any trait can be contagious
i made this to wash away the abrasive
like antibacterial soap
but its anti-wack-material dope
after i pass i'll come back as ghost
only to tag my burial stone