Dinosaur Music

by Chopperman

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rhymes written, spitted and mixed by Chopperman

cover artwork by raph04art.deviantart.com

dinosaur video at www.youtube.com/watch?v=kMSkUPfQZH8



released 03 June 2015



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Chopperman Lawrence, Kansas

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Track Name: Choppasaurus (beat by The Dingo)
time for some change again
i'm not trying to force or fight it
just staying at pace with it
i can control it more from beside it
steering my vessel
with respect to the wind and waves
on my way to rescue
my future from my past mistakes
i'm broke but i'm fixin it
illustrating my own exit
slow but i'm gettin it
building skills until i'm really on some next shit
no finish line in sight
and thats just the way i like it
the limits high as the sky
and i'm'a try to climb until i find it
please doubt me
the haters are great motivators
support is important
but it takes more than that to make a dope saber
in effort to convert the dirt
i gave my demons the names of my enemies
so when i send them to bed without dinner
i do so oh so triumphantly
victory is tricky
we have to lose to learn how to win
it might seem like a pity
but i believe its pretty much perfect how it spins
the cycle of success
and the cycle of failure
are the same cycle, i guess
the same sky that shines is also a hailer
the reaper brings a rebirth
murder feeds the carnivore
in order to achieve peace
we must first learn the art of war
we live in a sick world
but i'm sure one day we'll find the cure
understanding will guide us there
and thats what i'm rhyming for
call me a dinosaur
ten ton spinal cord
with giant horns sharp as swords
call me a dinosaur
fighting through a long storm
because damn it, this story's got some more chapters
Track Name: Brain Freeze (beat by Mr. Davenport)
on the written tip i'm frost bitten
and off top more cold than the north pole
Sub Zero versus Scorpion
when i flip verses its combat mortal
i'd morph into the beat if i was Shang Tsung
i'd rock two SPs if i was Goro
i'd kick it root down if i was Lui Kang
and throw fire threw the sound portal
its quite a delight when a vibe that ignites
combines with a line thats biting as ice
saharan days and siberian nights
have us adaptive as chameleon stripes
burning trees in a reptilian pipe
sipping a frigid drink that warms my insides
cozy and alone, gladly sad
because good or bad, it'll pass and i'll adapt
Davenport, bring that beat back
i need that to relax
the bumpy ride is eased by the boom bap
season after season these steps leave tracks
i bet the lead back to the one and loop that
Track Name: I Think Thats Good (beat by Alnitak Kid)
so many towns and so many jobs
and still we complain about the ones we got
acting caged into an occupation
when we haven't made any new applications
so many different positions
quit the bitchin and get in where you fit in
pay your own rent, make your own decisions
take no shit, claim your independence
check yourself
do you respect yourself?
do you impress yourself
do you dig yourself? imagine looking back at yourself
from your death bed, would you act the same?
lets pretend we get to relive today
with the knowledge that we will not live
forever so we better go all in
no stallin', lets go opposite joe stalin
and show fondness so strong its mind bogglin'
some opportunities like to hide
inside disguises that look just like a plight
i might sound like i went off the deep end
but that all depends on where you see from
problems can be seen as a high dive
you can flop or flip it with a jack knife
you could be at the sea's end
or at the sea's start depending on your season
of spirit, can you hear it?
can you note it when it comes near again?
if you can, i think thats good
learning yourself, i think thats good
doing your best, i think thats good
practicing a craft, i think thats good
earning some fans, i think thats good
ignoring nonsense, i think thats good
exploring cautious, i think thats good
challenging wrongness, i think thats good
chop that tree, paint that wood
rock that beat like a stray cat should
walk that street like the neighborhood
is a block that builds to the greater good
Track Name: Pooetry (beat by Mr. Davenport)
so focused, no jokin', i won't spend one more moment
on bullshit unless to ambush and foreclose it
bulldoze it below and build dope shit over it
a monument to the ocean that floats the ship
its no disrespect when the flow is spit
the nod of the head is a bow movement
humbling like a bowel movement
consumption produces what it produces
everyone poos shit
its repulsive but humorous
everybody shits poo
if jesus lived he probly shit too
plato shat, ghandi shat
aristotle shat, socrates shat
lincoln shat, mozart shat
napoleon bonaparte shat
rosa parks and bruce lee
charles darwin and nefertiti
bob marley, john f kennedy
einstein, leonardo da vinci,
martin luther king shat
susan b anthony shat
alexander graham bell shat
alexander the great shat
michelangelo, buddha
pablo picasso, mother theresa
jimi hendrix and john lennon
all took shits, and lots of them
thomas edison took a lot of shits
benjamin franklin took a lot of shits
thomas jefferson took a lot of shits
alexander hamilton took a lot of shits
if a monstrous comet hits
we'll all shit at once, a shitpocalypse
since all this shit talk is getting obnoxious
i'll flip the script onto a different topic
everybody pisses
i'm the hilariousest
i can say some arrogent shit
and not feel embarrassed a bit
because i know i don't mean it
noone's harder on me than me is
but even with high standards and low esteem
i keep this head level as the flowing stream
thought train steady blowing steam
hauling some heavy poetry
or in this case, pooetry
it fertilized the beat and grew a tree
Track Name: Anger Management (beat by Mr. Davenport)
rage lets the monster out of the cage
and the vile hate annihilates
the positive vibes in its range
and for mine its time for a change
i can't take any more of the shame
that i can't escape when i awake
and face all the waste in my wake
there's many ways to ride a wave
we can carve the curve with style and grace
or fight the force and fall on our face
theres lots of rats but lifes not a race
mine is a ride to a house on a lake
creeping discreet and without any haste
like a cat about to pounce on its prey
each step mapped out to the slay
get smacked out if you step in my way
there's that grouch again
wound up to lash out if you badger him
acting savage as a honey badger
hunting a challenger of any stature
any excuse to unleash anger
one day i'll tame this ugly bastard
not like a beast to a master
but like a burst of energy through a reactor
something like a machine
when the worst feelings try to be seen
accept them first and secondly
let them burn like gasoline
let them fuel your drive to be
a better you and thrive with me
i'm not so healthy and far from wealthy
but rising steady undeniably
from a minor seed
planted by the sea
to a giant tree
you can climb and see
Track Name: Dinosaur Music (beat by Mr. Davenport)
this song will have mistakes
even if I record a thousand takes
even if I write 1000 bars
and pick the best ones they're bound for flaws
but I still strive for perfection,
in the sense of the life force reflection
it's an ideal type of sensation
to to send sacred vibes through the mic cord connection
I feel like I was born to catch them
I can hear it from the inside before it hatches
hydrochloric acid
I don't understand it but the rhyme was orgasmic
I'm still psycho for the boom bip
I'm sick and my cure is dinosaur music
a tyranosaurus rex
is like half as cold as this
cooler than superman's fortress
it's your man chopperman rorkin
word to Riblet, I tear and killem
like Taran Killam as Jebediah Atkinson
lights camera action
a mic, a sampler and some wax to spin
provides the answers to the questions
that guide the dancers to the heavens
ever since Flash sent the message
this music's been smashing the devilish
bashing the injustice, thrashing malevolence
crashing the corruption and slashing the prejudice
don't push me cause i'm close to the precipice
the only ones who know the edge are those that tested it
its the only point of view with a vision
that lets us aim to throw a wrench in the system
Track Name: Battering Ram (beat by Mr. Davenport)
get down with this mountainous sound
boundless as a hound that ditched the pound
get loud, let out a big howl

get live with it when the vibe revives
get high, lifted when it flies the skies
rise and shine like eastern horizon shine
even the worst nights bring a fresh sunrise
dawn to dawn i rock on and on
like the earth spins, a raw phenomenon
like a fiend for the rock, i'm gone
put the beat on repeat and nom nom nom
its chopperman and mr davenport
with proper jams to kick your ass and more
the kind of ass kickin you're askin for
each time you ask me what i'm rappin for
a swift kick to send you out the door
to explore whats worth standing for
i'm not trying to pretend i am the lord
but the meaning of life is what passion's for
if nobody cared what would it matter for?
some stuff can't be summed up in a metaphor
though i still try so i'm never bored
and haven't been since heaven sent my hoverboard
its like something the lord made or dumbledore
or something a stork laid on the front porch
but it was probably just a bunch of dorks
no matter where its from or what its meant for
it works like a key to open up some doors
or maybe more like a battering ram
weighing something like 100 killa jams
i'm breaking it down like i'm about to roll it up
yeah, i'm rapping about the same old stuff
i like becoming one with the funky drums
and i do what i dig because the main goals fun
i stay in practice rain or sun
to relieve the stress and praise the one