SP World 4

by Chopperman





released 04 November 2014



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Intro (beat by riPaddo)
its Chopperman rockin with the SP fam
they sent these funky beats from across the land
and overseas, giving me a helping hand
leaving wack emcees with messy pants
L Town's my place of residence
i represent with worldwide resonance
casting lines and reeling in
rhymes you'll never forget like elephants
killin' instrumentals with elegance
go ahead and dis, i don't care a bit
you don't have to dance well to dance
go ahead and let loose if you feel the jams
i kick it old school like Steely Dan
keepin it so cool like a ceiling fan
5 bucks in the bank but i'm feeling grand
boss like the Bruce with the E Street band
cheefing a plant of a beastie strain
cooking brain food on a greasy pan
making it flavorful with seasoned rhymes
written while delivering pizza pies
yeah, i'm a pizza guy like Big Bank Hank
feeling fine with a full gas tank
broke down a few times but my boat ain't sank
stereo still playing SP fam dank
Squil, False Tropics
Qui Vive, Ryan Forest
Lodger, Blavatsky
Honoris Causa, Concrete Belly
Es-K, Chief Bob
Ronin 77, Runme Raw
Tiredoriots, TheDingo
Andy Ongulous, riPaddo
many thanks go to my SP fam yo
now lets start the show
Track Name: Flint (beat by Ronin 77)
its Chops on his job just rockin the raw lick,
got mad heart and a hot head to top it
pot in my pocket mockin the laws that
do not follow logic, thoughts philosophic
to conquer the conflicts, solvin' the problems
tossin' the nonsense all in the garbage
the clock on the wall tick tocks quick and constant
i'm not gonna stall and to stops not an option
tossin' the cognitive punches hot
boxin' the boxes that box in thoughts
launchin' this logical thought onslaught
in response to the falseness that bombs our spot
off in the darkness, SPock in the starship
far from the comets, talkin to martians
bopgun is cocked and its locked on the target
fonk like Parliament, sloppin' it cosmic
shock like a socket, spark like some hot flint
shot like a rocket to the top of the rock and
beyond to the awesome realm where the gods live
the realm where the real and ideal got mixed
on some shit like this i stomp like rhinoceros
monstrous boxer that knocks the unconscious
to conscious, pop and its gossip are toxic
politics is all a big ass kissin' competition
not the facade that fox and its bots get
moronic reports on proposterous topics
at long last podcasts are on it to off it
the bombast will not last, we've all been evolvin'
Track Name: Just a Ride (beat by The Dingo)
fear and anxiety kiss my ass
when storms are near i just think this will pass
then if it leaves my ass dead in the grass
at least my last seconds were badass
staring the storm in the eye
if i'm gonna die i'll take all of my pride
i'm on my own side, i versus I
is an unwinnable fight, a slow suicide
that mauls you inside like a small lion pride
chews through your spine and swallows your mind
eats you and shits you out on the roadside
to be consumed all over again by some flies
these rhymes are boss like that M Bison guy
enticing why? bitch why ask why
word to Bill Hicks, life is a ride
mine happens to fly in the sky
chopperman'ss shining his light
on the mountainside to provide better sight
for those climbing at night like i was before flight
and will after, after this wonderful ride
electrifying like lightning when it strikes
sending spikes to flatlines reviving life
beelining right to the construction site
of the spirit inside us it will never die

hate and apathy can take a hike
when they attack we must take it in stride
roll with the punches or fail the fight
face your opponents or flail in fright
there's no such thing as stale delight
no one can contain the rays of light
they come and go, night to day, day to night
some of them glowing dim, some blazing bright
can't hold them in, they dance with the wind
into the distance then around back again
can't capture it with this pad and pen
but can't help but try, i'm addicted
can't kick the habit and i'm glad about it
so happy i don't care how mad i'm soundin'
stress weighs a ton without the funk
but i feel weightless when the drums are poundin'
The Dingo is shining his light
on the mountainside to provide better sight
for those climbing at night like i was before flight
and will after, after this wonderful ride
electrifying like lightning when it strikes
sending spikes to flatlines reviving life
beelining right to the construction site
of the spirit inside us it will never die
Track Name: Rise and Shine (beat by QuiVive)
stepped out the door like "hello world!"
hopped in the car, let my sails unfurl
out of thousands of oysters there's just one pearl
i'll hunt still, until i'm haggard like Merle
finding a diamond in the rough takes patience
and saying sayonara to vacations
it takes great sacrifice to make great men
so turn off the Xbox and playstation
sometimes the place you think's a safe haven
is only moments away from detonation
its hard to stay content when you're complacent
its hard to earn honor and harder to maintain it
gotta give it everything every day with
zero exchange expectations
dig this like excavation
we write our own date of expiration
time to change lanes and pick up the pace at
a semi-safe rate of acceleration
in the sacred name of exhiliration
lets break the frames when we fill the pages
this is exhalation of inspiration
fanning the inner incineration
open the windows for ventilation
lets regenerate this generation
hit in the face with a wave of change
dizzy and dazed but we're staying sane
misunderstood and underpaid
still unstoppable, andale
we suffered bush and tom delay
karl rove and whats-his-name
all those crooks that got away
when they croak, piss on their grave
writing this i passed the work day
killing the pain of feeling contained
one line away from unchained
is light years away from mundane
i don't need champagne to celebrate
i don't need an airplane to elevate
all i need is words to illustrate
this dreamscape, i own it like real estate
no rent to pay, no fees to renovate
my point point is made, i won't reiterate
i keep it moving like an interstate
from brain to brain, thoughts immigrate
i hope these improve your inner state
for me the main thing is to make you think
i'm all about that awakening
the day's too brief to stay asleep
rise and shine
Track Name: Seance (ft. Ryan Forest, beat by False Tropics)
Chopper's verse:
dropping heavy as a sledgehammer
turn a Hip Hop head into a head banger
the beats bigger than jet hangar
and it serves a function thats similar
and on this jet liner in particular
funk and rhythm sit front and center
flying up higher than some birds
but fly to close to the sun you get burned
life's a test like Dudley says
and i'm not trying to flunk the midterm
rising from the cinder
from roughed up and injured to tough and limber
still an outcast still crumblin' herb
i even still use the same bubbler
it rumbles like a lion's purr
then up in my mind a rhyme is heard
then another one and another one
and i'm wonderin' where the hell they're comin' from
Ryan's verse:
Raised by women
some would say bitch made
but I'll still cut your chick
like a switch blade
And I'm a get paid
too many roaches on your squad
need to get raid
fuck you and your trick trade
I'm these rappers sensei
"guaranteed to get it in"
what her friends say
got him skeeting now and then on a Wednesday
hit her in the chin
rub it in, Bengay
my style is like the golden egg the hen laid
poison in the pen, pages turn skin grey
ageless flow engaged
way to go get made
like he mastered the gift just to get laid
something maybe KISS state
My girl left
she know it was a mistake
now I'm light speed
and her life's at a piss pace
the way she perpetrated was a disgrace
to leave you in a perpetual state of distaste
she been known to shift shapes
and when the drama go down she switch plates
but the word around town will give chase
when them scales under her frail veil fail to fade
she'll be left at a stalemate
once males get a scale of what Hell awaits
Track Name: Sarge (beat by Lodger)
holding a bat its the bullshit assassin /
pulling it back fixed to kill with a passion /
bashing nonsense thats passed as non fiction /
collapsing the walls that trap the cognition /
reminiscent of Mr Lif when i'm lifted /
stabbing the establishment i slash with precision
stash it with plastic and blasting the system
stand in my path and get smashed to submission
pacifism and capitalism
are like oil and water, we can't mix them
attempting it will cause masocism
a tendency that will cause a cataclism
that hits in an instant, too fast to prevent
a couple wrong decisions, you could lose your pot to piss in
its dog eat dog, many times i've gotten bitten
rotten bitches turned me into a rott and pit mix
i'm on some shit, its obvious, i'm onry as Chris Pontius
the funkiest honky since Bob James did Nautilus
surely not the sickest but clearly got illness
ask me why i do this and i'll tell you God willed it
if i need a new citadel then i'll build it
caught a bolt of lightning and bottled it
got a fully live beat from Lodger and bodied it
shot a bulls eye so hard the whole target split
charge and get pulverized with golden eye marksmanship
Sargent Slobber slays with the toxic spit
tomorrow might be the apocolypse
death is also like a box of chocolates
you never can know exactly what you're gonna get
but that won't distract me from going ballistic
its my role as a mystic, decoding the cryptic
and once its sensable, recode it again, flipped
universal truth is too wide to verbalize
but music comes close sometimes, if the verse is wise
i can't live a perfect life but i can spit a perfect line
sorta similar to shining stars when the words align
we're divine sure as the sun provides light
unrehearsed trying to improvise life
every night is finite so i try
living in the moment so it doesn't fly by
facing time right takes some spine might
spacious foresight and gracious hindsight
eventually everybody's going bye bye
but energy never dies as long as the light shines
Track Name: Not a Lullaby (beat by Chief Bob)
this is not a lullaby /
Bob and i will be dirty til we die /
thats why we rock the lofi /
with effects to put your mind in overdrive /
on a dusty break road to Oz /
high ends and strikers and snares, oh my /
Chief Beezy's beats be beefy as bovine
i chief these keefy trees and release the flow flyin'
these old rinky dink wings of mine
carried me fine through storms of all kinds
i've seen heights worth 19 lives
don't even cry if i leave tonight
these flights are the reason i exist
injustice is the reason i resist
i don't need to find bliss
i had my time with it when i was a kid
everyone deserves a good childhood
to enjoy life before it piles up
so high its hard to rise above
thats why a lot of us rely on drugs
but i don't do drugs, just nugs
they keep my dome from becoming a butt plug
up in the clouds beats down in the bowels
lots of clowns wear their ass around like a crown
my favorite time to drive around
is on my paper route when my town is lying down
when they're asleep inside, the streets are mine
its just me and the creatures that creep at night
stray canines and felines
racoons, possums and porcupines
rabbits, frogs, skunks and mice
all kinds of critters and since i'm
the only person around i consider them mine
like my zone is my home and they're my pets
even the poisonous spiders are not pests
because without all the pesky cobwebs
there'd be way more hornet and wasp nests
plus all the rest of the pesky insects
the way it all connects is complex
far beyond this mess i call my head
i'm on the path to consciousness
but this part of it is not well lit
but my heart can see, and its guiding me
to the God in me, playing hide and seek
same as the Godliness inside of you
if you didn't know, yours is hiding too
we can find it through methods tried and true
draw, paint, dance, sing, write a tune
you don't have to be a superstar to shine
you don't have to be super hard to rhyme
Hip Hop's competitiveness is double edged
i love a rap battle but i want to quit after it
to rupture a beat i don't have to rip
i can just expand until the sides split
i just expound until i find sense
in life's myst, unfolding my myth
Chopperman's not a brand, its a mission
i'm just a man trying to justify his existence

thanks for helping me, Bob.
Track Name: Pyrotechnique (beat by Andy Ongulous)
on a drive in the still of the night,
on a long dirt road with no lights,
the only life forms in sight,
the fields of corn on both sides,
but inside this mind
there's so much thats so alive
i listen to vibes and visualize
let all the ties minimalize
so i can rise from the disguise
into the skies above all the lies
a notion wise simplifies
by ocean tide gems arrive
to my delight and surprise
i was right with my surmise
i've avoided my demise
into the void a thousand times
for that i thank a ton of rhymes
for that i craft a ton of mine
i write a line and then reply
if i answer right, i get a prize
without a price, my peice of the pyrotechnics
ready to ignite
and rocket right out the bottle bright
boggle minds with raw designs
that sparkle like starlight
stopping cars like what a bizarre sight
what a sight, what a flight
what a night, what a life
what are you, what am i
what are we when we intertwine
i want to be like wind turbines
so from the breeze i energize
i know you can sympathize
i can see it in your eyes
its sublime when you find
a friendly ally in the fight
without each other's inner light
the inner eye'd be rendered blind
my internal fern is a pine
the winter never withered mine
it weathered storms of stupendous size
i'm better for it, stupid as i is
i still get to rise since i try to be kind
trying my best in these trying times
sliding by, by the seat of my pants
and by the skin of my teeth
but i'm still on my feet
and i feel alright
Track Name: Now's the Time (beat by Es-K)
Es K with the SP is better than OK
its more like a KO, killer like OJ
i'm from KS, he's from VT
but thats neither here nor there, and neither are we
we met in the air, somewhere in between
to bring you this fire, it flairs infinitely
all the way live for eternity
it can't be denied, its too stern to be
ready to hear me be overly bold?
this old soul is full of cold gold
when it chilled from molten it broke the mold
busting out through this microphone i hold
lo and behold, it finally glows
though its still usually on the low
although, as much as i like it at home
i know its almost time to go
Track Name: Yin and Yang (beat by Blavatsky)
pushing on the SP pads
chill as a toad on a lily pad
trying to create something really rad
but not really mad if it turns out really bad
i acknowledge it as part of the progress
accepting the process as if its flawless
some problems are actually the opposite
some flaws are the most perfect part of it
some trips tumble, some trips travel
can't stand in the sun without casting a shadow
you can lie in the grass in a meadow
but you can't deny the magma below
the sun made volcanos, the rain causes rainbows
the pain brings strength, the pleasure's insatiable
youth unretainable, death inescapable
birth still unbelievably inspirational
happiness is difficult, sadness is fruitful
hate can motivate, love can be brutal
sometimes to make peace, war is crucial
even the battles are musical

watch your step in this concrete jungle
animals jump on you when you stumble
for a couple hundred years we've been industrial
and millions of stomachs still grumble
millions of brains with thoughts jumbled
millions of workers disgruntled
paid a wage that won't be saved
praying for a raise like its the only way
staying enslaved til they're old and grey
toiling every day til they pass away
then their family has to take
a loan just to pay for a proper grave
and thats worse than a shame, its atrocious
the american dream for most seems hopeless
i wrote my own list of things to chase
and its only two things, strength and grace
the strength is physical, the grace is mental
the fate of the soul hangs in limbo
reality's resilient, faith is brittle
but it takes a little to escape the riddle
the real folks are loyal, the fake are fickle
the careless are lost someplace in the middle
to have harmony, cacophony is essential
every vibration's instrumental
Track Name: Head Trip (beat by Tiredoriots)
come along with me on this head trip /
from the belly of the beast up to heaven /
hold that pen, fill the tablet /
grown ass men can still imagine /
thrilled to ascend and feel the magic /
a quick flick gets the match lit /
if i spark the first one will you match it? /
equipped with thick spit like a mastiff /
massive bark with a bite that matches /
Ty's beats bounce just like a mattress /
tying me down would take giant latches /
some rappers brag about a life thats lavish /
i brag about a life thats tragic /
i know its the hard times that strenghten /
our spines, our minds and passion /
self and self are tightly fastened /
by grinding fast in a timely fashion /
not to aquire some shiny mansion /
i'm trying to buy some time for relaxin' /
all paths of life lead to lessons /
the forks in the road keep us guessin' /
expectations feed aggression /
til we're so mad we can't see reflections /
its hard to be receptive /
when your B-rain becomes disconnected /
you hear the words but you miss the message /
as if introspection isn't interesting /
they can't suppress this insurrection /
its progressing on the inner section /
you're at the intersection, now which direction /
its your decision
Track Name: A Bold One (beat by Honoris Causa)
straight from the psych ward with a samurai sword
havin' them askin' is he man or cyborg
a machine when i send these beats to the morgue
kind of like i'm spittin' kerosene through a torch
leavin' them them more than rarely scorched, its
always well done when i'm preparin' these courses
skippin' dessert in the form of a chorus
this is mushrooms in a storm in the forest
even at home i'm a tourist
capsule in Lawrence, soul on a voyage
rhymes i kick more than Chuck Norris
lines are slick word than Zach Morris
we're ghost, you can't hold us
hokus tokus, its some magical stuff
i crumble a green nug into gold dust
then multitask to pull off a bold one
body's on the job but my heads beyond
since Honoris Causa turned the SP on
yes, these drums said stress be gone
and now i'm feelin' chill as freon
blessed by the hip hop pantheon
feelin' so damn right that i cant be wrong
healin' when i drop this antibomb
takin 'em up past the top of the grand teton
from down low we can't see far
call this ladder rap you can climb these bars
fuck an ID card
you can identify me by these scars
thats my bleeding heart
fightin' whats tryin' to pry me apart
i highly regard practicing art
i knew i'd never stop right from the start
Track Name: FWB (beat by Concrete Belly)
sometime around 1990
i heard Run DMC
it one of my first memories
it was love at first listening
it was a tape called A Very Special Christmas
and Christmas in Hollis was in the mix
man i was diggin it
a little kid without a clue what racism is
all i knew is i loved rap music
couldn't get enough of that boom bip

early on i knew that
hip is the knowledge hop is the movement
it was Fresh Prince and The Beasties
then it was Too Short and Eazy E
that was as far as my brother had to lead me
from then i'd be at the record store frequently
looking for that perfect CD
and it came in '98 when Moment of Truth freed me
during the golden age i was a preteen
lucky me, the shelves were stocked wonderfully
i wanted to be in The Zulu Nation
but didn't see any members with the same skin
still, the music was so strong it made sense
to be an afrocentric caucasion
i embraced the alienation
but refused to take in the hatred
confused but i knew enough
to continue with what i grew to love

funky white boy

samples the poem "Mullet" by Sage Francis
Track Name: Ganja Smog (beat by Runme Raw)
got this giant beat from Runme Raw
homie reminds me of a young Sun Ra
loaded up with rounds of funk-shot
bopgun's cocked about to pop one off
many clouds of ganja smog
drift around town after we drop the bomb
i usually go by chopperman
but on this song, its chopperMON
i kick a flow like a soccor ball
dig the float trip and watch for all the waterfalls
and other obstacles in your stream of consciousness
it can quickly go from serene to monstrous
does art imitate life or is it the opposite
its hard to tell when your home is at the heart of it
lifestyle is the ultimate medium
just ask any good comedian
a positive attitude is imperative
its all in the approach, perspective is effective
the negative will never give benevolent
don't tell a heckler go to hell, thats where they been
caught in a viscious cycle they spin
down like a drill to the nethermost places
with your head down all you see is the pavement
keep your head up, find better locations
you never know you may sniff out an oasis
that takes your situation from bad to bodacious
sick of it? learn to love it, rise above it
can't cut it? burn a nugget, say fuck it
hate the boss, tell him take the job and shove it
you're a person, not a corporate robot or puppet
rebel music, go cop and bump it
let your soul bounce back like it overshot the bucket
going for the gusto like Satchmo on the trumpet
not sure what it is but i know im onto something
no one's gonna listen if you don't stop the fussing
visualize solutions, exercise your gumption
minimize confusion, simplify your functions
recognize the problems, rectify conundrums
penalize injustice, criticize corruption
enfranchise the fondness, civilize the contempt
signify progression, dignify percussion
in my eyes a drumset symbolizes oneness
just like the harmonic keys and strings
and the buttons and the knobs on the beat machines
Track Name: Encore (beat by Chopperman)
alright one more
not an outro more like an encore
all aboard this iron horse
on a course home from volume 4
its not easy following those beats
but i had to bring one of my own, you know me
whats chopperman without his chopper, man?
not a damn thing but a conquered man
i gotta jam on the pads, its a passion
even if i'm not exceptional at it
i can't forget that initial magic
there was no turning back when i got into sampling
ironic my first flip was Al Hirt in reverse
i'll rock the revision right after this verse
this verse is gonna get busted
but first i'm gonna press the pitch button
now then, for my next trick
i'll use the last track to ruin a classic
regardless, this album the these artists
makes me proud as can be to be honest
the outcome and the responses
does not determine the value of the accomplishment
compliments can build confidence
but confidence is not as essential as competitence
once you prove yourself to yourself
you don't have to prove it to anyone else
i didn't need wishing wells
to fulfil this dream and spiritually prevail
my next goal's to focus on physical health
cooking smart meals and lifting dumb bells
i'm done trying to some life up in nut shells
but i'm staying mapping out escape routes from hell
cloaked with mental chainmail
i go in breaking open brain cells
taking thought trains off the rails
making them take off when the chops propel
if the records are rotors, the SP
is a skeleton key that turns over dead motors
like fuel the vinyl round burns
refining old sounds, purifying soul power
i feel about as tall as the Eiffel tower
one thousand feet walking at 5 rhymes an hour
presidential rhymes like Dwight Eisenhour
that was a joke kinda like Austin Powers
an SP gave me awesome powers
so i gladly gave my 10 thousand hours
and I hope to give it 10 thousand more
and i'll end this one with a lion's roar