On The Adventure

by Chopperman

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released 24 July 2014



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Track Name: Up, Up and Away
this phenomenon cant be stopped
on and on is how we rock
crisp and healthily raw
like a fresh celery stalk
stale thoughts stealthily rot
clear off the shelf and restock
lift yourself up beyond
the BS, be cool, and you'll be blessed
with the best reward given
no score to settle, once we're one we're winnin'
its victory laps when we ride the rhythm
on intergalactic loops spiraling
up up up up and away
sometimes just hittin plays like puffin a J
funk elevates at the pace of proper breaks
thats all it takes to operate the chopper blades
chopperman is on the way to stop brigades
that are plottin raids to drop grenades on parades
i concentrate hard to make
art with traits that guard the love and block the hate
just like Love Garden i stock the crates
its bout to shake the block when i drop this tape
i'm no superhero, i don't rock a cape
i cant save the globe but i can rock its face
Track Name: Clean Up The Consciousness
straight from the dark abyss / blazes a star, crazy bizarre / insane but its hard to miss / i gaze in awe, dazed by its aura / as if it was martian ship / takin off through space, sayonara / i'm chasin this comet just to watch it / makin its way to a place i'm unsure of / takin a cosmic risk / sage's heart with a brain retarded / strange and the opposite / painted this part with a brush that broadens / same as horizons / takin this art to the cusp of mountains / breakin hearts to make them stronger / stars need fire, they're nothing without it / pain's where the spark is lit / we gain our strength from hardship / drained til there's not a drip / then the shower brings the harvest / same as it always did / it may pour so much rain on us / the grains are all wasted, but its not in vain since / it washes out the stray garbage / clean up the consciousness / sacred art'll make it sparkle / and gleam with a modest tint / stayin far from sayin its ours / i think we belong to it / i'm singing songs of praise in its honor / upraising the sun, its the same as the father / the way that we all exist (repeat) / dig it like geologists / energy is all it is / i'm not a theologist / but i can see god in this / check it like reconnaissance / enemy's are falling quick / nobody is stopping this / you'll never hear me call it quits / i never quit except for cigarettes / i'll die for this, forget the rest / i live to quest, acceptin the stress / i've been a mess, i didn't guess / i'm livin this, all in in this / i'm limitless, goin the distance / the finish is nonexistent / the end is a myth, this is infinite
Track Name: The Right One Is Winning (prod. Tiredoriots)
forget waitin for inspiration
create in the name of its persuasion
it might be right around the bend
it might bleed right out of the pen
i right these lines to flex the mind
and make you press rewind
if you think i'm trying to be the best you're wrong
i wouldnt even want to trade places with Common
and he's one of my favorite emcees
i don't wan't to be anyone other than me
i always felt that way
even when my realm got grey
this life is all i know
i came into this world alone
and thats how i'm goin'
i feel right at home when i'm on my own
i'm my own best friend and my own worst enemy
its like there's a cyclone spinning within me
its like there's two wolves inside
and they always fight
one's wrong and one's right
the one i feed more will survive
if the right one dies
i'll dwell in hell until my demise
i'm alright, the right one is winnin'
Track Name: Colorado (prod. Chief Bob)
travellings wild, this weekend
i paid Colorado a visit
a place called Grand Lake
a bit too nice for my taste
but much of the time had was great
and when i got back today
i saw my town in a new light
and i found myself at a new height
maybe not my heighest point ever
yet my viewpoints never been better
kind of like when we hiked to a waterfall
nephew being like "knock knock"
who's there? "Wa". Wa who?
"Why you so happy? Get it? Wahoo!"
later that night, the moon
was majorly bright and huge
closer to the earth than I'd ever seen
plus it was Friday the 13th
it was a cool night to say the least
i was finally legally blazing trees
yes, i got quite high
and then i went on a bike ride
and it blew my mind
publicly high as kite flyin
and its perfectly fine, even if i
heard one person be like "look at this guy"
the point is i was paranoialess
except my phone seemed to have clairvoyance
shuffle played all the right tunes
to compliment this awesome ride though
this strange little town in the mountains
i found one to climb and at the summit had to sit
for a minute i couldn't catch my breath
and i thought what an kick ass place for my death
not that i wanted to die
but if i did, that'd be a neat way to go, right?
i think so, in other news, i played so
many games of horseshoes, i think i became pro
i also played some shuffle board
and some foozball, next to a stuffed boar
yes good times were had indeed
but i wasn't sad when we had to leave
i missed my SP
I missed my rituals deeply
when i got home i opened the laptop
and opened a beer with a lot of hops
then i opened my memory bank
to recount the voyage into these rhymes
then i thought, what beat should i use
then i recalled that my dude
Bob sent me a track that i couldn't recieve
for some reason my phone just wouldn't concieve
but now i was home so i tried it again
it downloaded fine i was excited as shit
because i knew that it could be perfect like this

i knew that it could be just perfect
i had no clue it would be this perfect
Track Name: Country Song (prod. AKtion F!gUR)
partly cloudy, temperature seventy
hardly windy, the weather was heavenly
cruising around my beautiful town
music turned up, windows rolled down
blowin out smoke clouds slow
to spread 'em out so its on the down low
that i was gettin lifted up high
as i delivered a pie
that's right, i'm a pizza guy
i wrote this line on Wakarusa Drive
stoned just like i saw Medusa's eyes
open wide on some buddha vibes
feelin so divine, its not a huge suprise
even the coldest nights brought a new sunrise
i talk myself in circles sometimes
cause life's full of cycles combined
you get tied up if you forget to unwind
you can't find contentment in a mind confined
if you can't swim with the rising tide
you'll get swallowed up by the ride
i don't express just to impress
this is my attempt to exit this mess
if i said this head isn't stressed
you can bet i said it in jest
still, i feel blessed to get a little rest
i love to fret as i build this little nest
for myself as well as my emporess
everything i do's in her interest
i know exactly where my center is
i brought you here for the geyser myst
Aktion F!gur is an alchemist
thank him for the gold that i'm brandishin
i cant relate to a maniken
i'm so alive that i'm panicin
not really since i'm on my medicine
instrumentol, its better than the rest of them
musicians are quasi physicians
slicing incisions with precise precision
i rise in accordance with the laws of funk
chopped the tree and i sparked it up
and carved my name on the trunk
y'all can say what you want
thats what i'm doin
go ahead and call me stupid
i honestly couldn't care less
i feel so good and careless
i could have died but i didn't
i almost died but i didn't
i thought i died but no
i'm right here alive with gusto
i'm right here because i followed
the light here, i almost got swallowed
by the darkness, but i didn't
i almost perished, but i didnt
nope, not at all
i'm standing tall even after falls
one hand on the mic, one on my balls
found this truth to pass along
what else would i do with it
it is the essence of my existence
it has to pass through
from me to you to me to you
to me to you to me to you ...
Track Name: Broadcasting Live From The Sky (prod. BLaXkHooDI3)
living in this economy is quite a thrill
just paying the rent and all the bills
is like mission impossible
to get here i got through a million obstacles
life's not a joke but i'm laughin still
so i don't have to kill
problems fixable, i'm crackin the case
the opposite of those, i laugh in their face
i want to change the era but i'm no Che Guevera
i can't save the world but i can make it better
but to do that i gotta get my thing together
i can't serve the cure when i'm under the weather
so what i gotta do is what is logical
train in my chamber til im unstoppable
i dodge the bull, focused on my goals
and when i'm done with those i'll focus on some girls
right now i just don't have the time
like a mountain lion, i have to climb
increase altitude and amplify
broadcastin live from the sky
castin wide shadows on the land below
is that a blimp? no its the flyin fatso
with the death defyin rap flow
wack for a decade before it got half-dope
i had to go through the fire, baptismal
now my soul fire can't fizzle
Track Name: The Adventure Continues (prod. Tiredoriots)
time to relearn how to relax
lean back and forget about the green backs
take a deep breath, feel the breeze pass
think back to recess and P.E. class
feelin free as can be even as
a newspaper / pizza man
60 hours a week man
6 days, 7 night nights a week man
sick day's a term similar to weekend
in that i don't even know the meaning
but i'm not mad, my jobs aren't bad
and i got a pad where i can rock the pads
and i got some pot and some pots and pans
i got roaches, at least they're not rats
the paint's chipping off the cabinets
its lower class but at least its Lawrence Kansas
yeah its L town all day
all week, all month, all decade
from Oliver Hall to Kentucky Street
to Tennessee Street to 25th Street
to Redbud Lane out to Clinton Lake
to 24th street at the place I live today
LFK, 785
death can wait, we levitate live
marinate with this getaway vibe
let it take you where everything's fine
yesterday died, lets get today right
spend our time wise and our money likewise
my advice is for me as much as for you
i'm not trying to preach, i've got nothing to prove
i'm just trying to keep my propeller in use
the adventure continues