by Chopperman

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tracks 1, 2, 6, 15, and 16 produced by Chopperman on the SP-404




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Chopperman Lawrence, Kansas

Art's defective when its not directed by the heart connected to the hand / Raw expression unlocks the heaven of the God that's within the man

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Track Name: Lucky Me - 2012
i spark a loop like talking to a cockatoo
and make songs De La Soul like Posdnus
hopping over obstacles like Super Mario
to drop the ill audio for all of you
jolly folks feeling the funky Chopper flow
abstract like Pablo Picasso
please stop and scope this audible art show
open up the part of your soul thats optical
its possible, i promise you
if you're not focused, music is your monocle
i rock a dope instrumental with a raw poem
whether its off the phone or the top of the dome
melodic notes or monotone
rapping rapido or talking slow
about nothing or topical
not a joke or comical
pockets broke or got some dough
Hip Hop or no genre known
optional or methodical
metaphorical or logical
in the cosmos or on the globe
on top of the world or rock bottom low
stark sober or rasta stoned
costs zero or bought and sold
warm or chilled or hot or cold
the jaw bone's connected to the heart and soul
the trombone's connected to the bongos
the violin's connected to the vibraphone
the silence is connected to the sonic boom
the classical's connected to the rock and roll
the north pole's connected to the south pole
and the intro's connected to the outro
and i'm back to where i used to be
Track Name: Third Eye Dilator - 2012
just having some fun
i can write whatever i want
i can jump forward six months
and see myself on the other side of the sun
making beats, working on my midas touch
alchemy for a surplus of gold dust
in the form of 24 karat instrumentals
and journals full of eternal gemstones
this ill shit will fertilize minds
growing ideas that immortalize mine
the soul defies time and gravity sometimes
take it from the one flying with the beats and rhymes
Kool Herc must've been the most righteous brother
since the Wright brothers, the flight fathers
why bother climbing over obstacles
when flying far about them is possible
i'm thinking outside the boom box
by an ocean of consciousness skipping moon rocks
Rudolph had a shiny nose
i got shiny flows to blow the roof off
the bounce is tight like new shocks
open up when the loop knocks
dude drops funk fresh as dew drops
slice like Wolverine, check the cool chops
taste this free sample of the fruits of my labor
its baskin' Collins with that 404 flavor
skewering sounds with a light saber
the sewer is connected to the sky scraper
who turns loose leaf to fly paper
with enough rhymes to fill a grand canyon size crater
leaving cold lines behind like ice skaters
its Chopperman with the third eye dilator
Track Name: Streetside (beat by Heavy Systems, Inc) - 2013
an ant crawled across the tip top
of the screen side of my lap top
as a wee lad, i would shop
at a store called Streetside for my Hip Hop
i would thank that ant for that line
but i smashed that ant, that ant died
and as i typed those last lines
i realized what i did and sighed inside
mad at myself for that homicide
to be honest, i almost cried
face to face with my disgraceful waste of a life
that made its way into my space and faced its demise
i wish i'd scooped it up and taken it outside
and thanked it for me making me think about Streetside
via rhymes, that word, via, reminds
me of Taco Via, their nachos fueled the rides
on a board i bought at a shop called Let It Ride
i'd be bustin pop shove-its and nose-slides
and 5-0 grinds backside and frontside
i might've just lied, but at least frontside
i tried a bluntslide but busted my backside
i guess you could say I busted a buttslide
nowadays, i mostly just ride
my longboard, painted on its bottom side
is The Dude, Walter and Donny
therefore its called The Big Leboardski
my second most prized possession behind
you guessed it, my SP because it gets me so live
it lifts me up high and lets me hang glide
back to my lab to find wax for my next flight
yes i love the sky and especially when i'm
part of it, leaving behind smoky designs
you know i can't quit, you know i won't stop
my microphone's been on for so long
there's no off-switch on this
i brace myself, there's no orthodontist
i sorta lost it but sorta still got it
i'm not goin soft, you know i still rock it
til the clock tells me my time is up
i'll work hard, weakness makes this life shit suck
get tough, so when you fall you can get up
and walk it off, on to the next bump
Track Name: Now Is Awesome (beat by riPaddo) - 2013
i woke up to the sound of raindrops
no alarm clock on my day off
been waiting all week for a day without chorse
i'm not even mad that its raining outdoors
i might take a walk and sing in the downpour
on my way to the dollar store where i can afford
everything, so i choose three or four
and on my way home, sing some more
all to do today is enjoy the day
take it easy and have some good fun
all the bills are paid and i'm feeling great
then was stressful but now is awesome

flying higher than cloud niner
lighting a fire underneath Ursa Minor
finding remedies like the Herbaliser
blowing off steam like a verbal geyser
flowing off stream to where the view is nicer
free to go deep like a scubadiver
but today i'm no rhyme scrutinizer
i'm getting loose without the screwdriver
all to do today is enjoy the day
take it easy and have some good fun
all the bills are paid and i'm feeling great
then was stressful but now is awesome
Track Name: To Find Truth (beat by Opin Draconis) - 2013
nothing like a night skate for getting the mind straight
ditching my hate, feeling that life's great
shifting my weight, steering my way
far away from all the things that might make me irrate
no rocks in my roads, no stones in my sneakers
no distortion in the sounds of my speakers
the street turns into the sky
and i, an astroid, burning through so high
do i know why? no i don't and i don't mind
i float fine with no idea to show mine
where to go, yellow lines won't confine
this joy ride i'm all over the road, its mine
but i'll share it, because i'm sure its yours too
no man can choose his own avenues
a road with no intersections
either goes in circles or in both directions
to nowhere, the cliffs of abysses
to find truth in this i don't need statistics
i fight for the union like Ulysses
S Grant I'll say it again incase you missed it
i fight for the union of humans
against the demons schemin' to consume them
in the school i attend i'm never truent
i learned how every angle is congruent
no scholar of any institution
can teach the understanding of a hard knocks student
and even the highest master of karate
can't give the discipline that working hard brings
i can tell you why the caged bird sings
the songs about a dream about the caged birds wings
and thats the only thing that keeps the caged bird sane
bars are the only thing that keeps the caged bird tame
to find truth in this i don't need a survey
i see truth in this clear as day
its no hearsay, its here to stay
see how i leave clouds when steer this way
still you can't blame me for this rain
keep pushing to keep it from rusting your bearings
keep exploring the unknown carrying
your curiousity to everything and away
from nowhere the cliffs of abysses
to find truth in this i don't need statistics
i fight for the union like Ulysses
S Grant I'll say it again incase you missed it
i fight for the union of humans
against the demons schemin' to consume them
in the school i attend i'm never truent
i learned how every angle is congruent
Track Name: I Am The Walrus (feat. Ryan Forest) - 2013
i am the walrus
feeling tall as a tyrannosaurus
killing bullshit with my guy Ryan Forest
bro, kick some rhymes raw as a lion's roar is!

With paw's dug in the gore of a wild boar as it gorges
i flourish and warn the vultures, reminding em what the score is
of course the enemy sorts out a plan to invade my fortress
while I just sharpen the sword of my cortex mental thesaurus
probably give em the horns like a rocking, stomping out taurus
kickin in proper form cuz sir choppers hip hop is gorgeous
if you were uninformed, there's a chance to get with the norm yet
404 technician young Chopperman is a forum vet

so fresh, i expected no less
Mr. Forest always leaves the microphone blessed
this grotesque beat is no test
when we do a duet its a dopefest
an excellent adventure like its Bill and Ted
except this is real and we're not boneheads
we're extraterrestrial like the Coneheads
children of the Sun, grown into poets
Track Name: Country Song (beat by AKtion F!gUR) - 2014
partly cloudy, temperature seventy
hardly windy, the weather was heavenly
cruising around my beautiful town
music turned up, windows rolled down
blowin out smoke clouds slow
to spread 'em out so its on the down low
that i was gettin lifted up high
as i delivered a pie
that's right, i'm a pizza guy
i wrote this line on Wakarusa Drive
stoned just like i saw Medusa's eyes
open wide on some buddha vibes
feelin so divine, its not a huge suprise
even the coldest nights brought a new sunrise
i talk myself in circles sometimes
cause life's full of cycles combined
you get tied up if you forget to unwind
you can't find contentment in a mind confined
if you can't swim with the rising tide
you'll get swallowed up by the ride
i don't express just to impress
this is my attempt to exit this mess
if i said this head isn't stressed
you can bet i said it in jest
still, i feel blessed to get a little rest
i love to fret as i build this little nest
for myself as well as my emporess
everything i do's in her interest
i know exactly where my center is
i brought you here for the geyser myst
Aktion F!gur is an alchemist
thank him for the gold that i'm brandishin
i cant relate to a maniken
i'm so alive that i'm panicin
not really since i'm on my medicine
instrumentol, its better than the rest of them
musicians are quasi physicians
slicing incisions with precise precision
i rise in accordance with the laws of funk
chopped the tree and i sparked it up
and carved my name on the trunk
y'all can say what you want
thats what i'm doin
go ahead and call me stupid
i honestly couldn't care less
i feel so good and careless
i could have died but i didn't
i almost died but i didn't
i thought i died but no
i'm right here alive with gusto
i'm right here because i followed
the light here, i almost got swallowed
by the darkness, but i didn't
i almost perished, but i didnt
nope, not at all
i'm standing tall even after falls
one hand on the mic, one on my balls
found this truth to pass along
what else would i do with it
it is the essence of my existence
it has to pass through
from me to you to me to you
to me to you to me to you ...
Track Name: Not a Lullaby (beat by Chief Bob) - 2014
this is not a lullaby
Bob and i will be dirty til we die
thats why we rock the lofi
with effects to put your mind in overdrive
on a dusty break road to Oz
high ends and strikers and snares, oh my
Chief Beezy's beats be beefy as bovine
i chief these keefy trees and release the flow flyin'
these old rinky dink wings of mine
carried me fine through storms of all kinds
i've seen heights worth 19 lives
don't even cry if i leave tonight
these flights are the reason i exist
injustice is the reason i resist
i don't need to find bliss
i had my time with it when i was a kid
everyone deserves a good childhood
to enjoy life before it piles up
so high its hard to rise above
thats why a lot of us rely on drugs
but i don't do drugs, just nugs
they keep my dome from becoming a butt plug
up in the clouds beats down in the bowels
lots of clowns wear their ass around like a crown
my favorite time to drive around
is on my paper route when my town is lying down
when they're asleep inside, the streets are mine
its just me and the creatures that creep at night
stray canines and felines
racoons, possums and porcupines
rabbits, frogs, skunks and mice
all kinds of critters and since i'm
the only person around i consider them mine
like my zone is my home and they're my pets
even the poisonous spiders are not pests
because without all the pesky cobwebs
there'd be way more hornet and wasp nests
plus all the rest of the pesky insects
the way it all connects is complex
far beyond this mess i call my head
i'm on the path to consciousness
but this part of it is not well lit
but my heart can see, and its guiding me
to the God in me, playing hide and seek
same as the Godliness inside of you
if you didn't know, yours is hiding too
we can find it through methods tried and true
draw, paint, dance, sing, write a tune
you don't have to be a superstar to shine
you don't have to be super hard to rhyme
Hip Hop's competitiveness is double edged
i love a rap battle but i want to quit after it
to rupture a beat i don't have to rip
i can just expand until the sides split
i just expound until i find sense
in life's myst, unfolding my myth
Chopperman's not a brand, its a mission
i'm just a man trying to justify his existence
Track Name: Pyrotechnique (beat by Andy Ongulous) - 2014
on a drive in the still of the night,
on a long dirt road with no lights,
the only life forms in sight,
the fields of corn on both sides,
but inside this mind
there's so much thats so alive
i listen to vibes and visualize
let all the ties minimalize
so i can rise from the disguise
into the skies above all the lies
a notion wise simplifies
by ocean tide gems arrive
to my delight and surprise
i was right with my surmise
i've avoided my demise
into the void a thousand times
for that i thank a ton of rhymes
for that i craft a ton of mine
i write a line and then reply
if i answer right, i get a prize
without a price, my peice of the pyrotechnics
ready to ignite
and rocket right out the bottle bright
boggle minds with raw designs
that sparkle like starlight
stopping cars like what a bizarre sight
what a sight, what a flight
what a night, what a life
what are you, what am i
what are we when we intertwine
i want to be like wind turbines
so from the breeze i energize
i know you can sympathize
i can see it in your eyes
its sublime when you find
a friendly ally in the fight
without each other's inner light
the inner eye'd be rendered blind
my internal fern is a pine
the winter never withered mine
it weathered storms of stupendous size
i'm better for it, stupid as i is
i still get to rise since i try to be kind
trying my best in these trying times
sliding by, by the seat of my pants
and by the skin of my teeth
but i'm still on my feet
and i feel alright
Track Name: Soul Retractor (beat by Skinny.B) - 2015
go go gadget soul retractor
won't hold it back like belly laughter
focused on goals, we don't meander
building a stronghold with a holy hammer
a shield to block the bullshit thrown at us
a field of logical sense with no antics
a world of consciousness oceanic
and all its saying is don'tcha panic
i don't even own a white towel to throw
just like a white owl, i'll fly in the snow
and kill a lizard in the middle of a blizzard
have its gizzards for dinner, innards for dessert
with feathers thicker every winter
i seldom windburn and never shiver
i was born in an ice storm
so for this life form the coldest nights warm
by the skull of the bull i've been torn
but i took hold of control by the horns
a metaphorical matador
who rides the feral horse with no saddle sore
the range of my pads isn't a pain in my ass
its a game in my hands, i'm playing, i'm not playing
wasting nothing, right now i'm here
following a calling heard loud and clear
flying until i forget how to fear
forcing the torment out of here
steering away from horsing around this year
i was a jackass but i'm now a deer
what makes a caterpillar morph
is same as the thing that brought this feeling forth
it lives in me, and it lives in you
its the beautiful butterfly inside this cocoon

go go gadget truth reflector
psychopathic tune ejector
intergalactic soul connector
building understanding in the stormy weather
the tool that puts the puzzle together
to show the way to struggle with pleasure
the vision that paints the grim scenes brighter
the rain and the fire breed a fighter

kaboom boom bap music to kick to
whether kickin it cool or with some kung fu
fresh lines like i'm writing with a new pencil
keep it moving is the one true principal
this means letting go until you forget to
when we let it flow we can ascend to pinnacle
dont push when it pulls don't pull when it pushes
we won't win if we don't roll with the punches
bob and weave weave and bob
boxing these slovenly souls that theive and rob
whether or not you believe in God
what goes around comes back and believe its raw
those corrupt police might be above the law but
nobody can be above the karma
sociopaths walk horrible paths
holding their stash with hands cold as their cash
wreckless drivers eventually crash
i move defensively so they miss me with that
got things to do and places to be at
but i'm not trying to rush, if i'm late, so be it
the tale of the tortuoise and hare depicts
a moral i cherish, the impetuous
will perish, slow and steady wins
storms of hastiness blow deadly winds
rocking steadily as Bo Diddly riffs
Chops and Skinny B show grittyness
and dillagence like J Dilla flips
making healthy dishes that are still delicious
building bridges for intelligence
filling ditches with malevolence
digging trenches for ambivalance
to fight against arrogance and ignorance
the meaning is ambiguous
the divinity is indigenous
the deity is androgynous
the enemy is indifference
the certainty is belligerent
the security is fraudulent
the urgency is ridiculous
Earth is sweet, honor it
Track Name: Monochord (beat by False Tropics) - 2015
i confess, i obsess
inside this minds a mess
and i must clean it up
so i don't self destruct
every day is a test
and each problem a chance at success
each task an occasion for meditation
through mindful presence in your situation
i've been breaking the day into pieces
so a state of concentration increases
moments fleet and we can't take or leave them
we can only live in them or grieve them
spin with the seasons or end up freezing
or burning up depending on your region
when birds fly south its instinctive
nature guides us well if we can read it
my inklings guide my ink pens
i might seem pretentious or like i pretend
i don't mean to preach or condescend
i'm only trying to uplift and ascend
there's near 32 million seconds in a year
and i'm trying to hold every one of them dear
standing in front of a mirror
i can see clear, i'm lucky to be here
i drank 10 thousand beers
and i can still hang with the mountaineers
i can still climb the tower tiers
up to a level where the clouds are pierced
to catch a clear glimpse of the stratosphere
and stars that glow like a candle chandelier
stare at one til crystal clear
the rest of them will disappear

close your eyes open your ears
and join the tribe of vision seers
united worldwide to ignite this
vibrant fire inside of the righteous
amplify the divine and synthesize it
at the same time silence the divisive
the zip file is a vile of my love
transmitted through this spirit from high above
the night was long but now the sun
is rising from the horizon up
as if each day is easter
the savior returns as the galaxy stirs
the grand elixir, humanity's cure
its the amphitheater and the teacher
of how to keep your monochord in key
so it frees souls of those listening
when we pull the string
Track Name: Battering Ram (beat by Mr. Davenport) - 2015
get down with this mountainous sound
boundless as a hound that ditched the pound
get loud, let out a big howl

get live with it when the vibe revives
get high, lifted when it flies the skies
rise and shine like eastern horizon shine
even the worst nights bring a fresh sunrise
dawn to dawn i rock on and on
like the earth spins, a raw phenomenon
like a fiend for the rock, i'm gone
put the beat on repeat and nom nom nom
its chopperman and mr davenport
with proper jams to kick your ass and more
the kind of ass kickin you're askin for
each time you ask me what i'm rappin for
a swift kick to send you out the door
to explore whats worth standing for
i'm not trying to pretend i am the lord
but the meaning of life is what passion's for
if nobody cared what would it matter for?
some stuff can't be summed up in a metaphor
though i still try so i'm never bored
and haven't been since heaven sent my hoverboard
its like something the lord made or dumbledore
or something a stork laid on the front porch
but it was probably just a bunch of dorks
no matter where its from or what its meant for
it works like a key to open up some doors
or maybe more like a battering ram
weighing something like 100 killa jams
i'm breaking it down like i'm about to roll it up
yeah, i'm rapping about the same old stuff
i like becoming one with the funky drums
and i do what i dig because the main goals fun
i stay in practice rain or sun
to relieve the stress and praise the one
Track Name: SP Balboa - Round 5 (beat by Chief Bob) - 2015
stepping into the square circle
prepared to turn a rival's head purple
for the title, best not bet on their survival
they were already dead on their arrival
they brought knives to a fight full of rifles
even the ref is frightful, i go psycho
like old Mike Tyson wrestling a lion
i don't defy death, its death thats in defiance
when i clinch my fist around the mic and strike
quick like a viper with timing tight
float like a butterfly, sting like a bee
nobody busted rhymes like Ali
hospitalize a brick
i'm so mean i make medicine sick
traumatize a stone
i'm so cold i froze the microphone
frostbite a boulder
a giant block of ice is not colder
paralize a megalith
i'm so scary i could terrify an exorcist
terrorize a Pterodactyl
when i fly my Pegasus into battle
euthanize an instrumental
when i inject ruthless rhymes in the middle
vaporizing the indo
i've been blowin' since, oh, i forget yo
i can get high, i can get low
a bit bipolar and slightly schizo
but its alright, i need both sides
even though they might lead to ego rides
its no small task to swallow pride
if you can't it might swallow you live
and you'll be stuck in the stomach of a puppet
playing yourself like some sick ventriloquist
i skipped acting class and ripped the syllabus
if i play a role its an individualist
when i take hold of the pen and scribble its
fatal to more than the instrumental its
able to kill mental jibberish
listen to yourself like you listen to this
are you in control or living a script
written ficticious with restrictive intent
because the author of it does not give a shit
about anything other than the dividends
in this grid fitting in is expensive
we're conditioned to spend it the minute we get it
but materialism isn't the enemy
when reasonable it advances humanity
the enemy is imperialist greed
and it seems to be too powerful to beat
but i believe if enough of us defeat
our demons we can gut the mother beast
no justice, no motherfucking peace
so motherfuck those corrupt police
cowards with power get power trips
you can't protect and serve without courage
those who truly do get much respect
but the rest can get a sucker punch instead
like a boxer holds fists up to deflect
try not let them fuck with your head
when septic vibes get sent in your direction
trust your reflexes and duck the connection
there's nothing wrong with being defensive
it comes along with independence
i'm standing tall and intending
to fend for myself until the ending
life brings everyone to their knees
only the strong get back on their feet
get up!
Track Name: SP Balboa - Round 10 (beat by Chief Bob) - 2015
i never knew kung fu but i do
know a few ways to kick ass, one two, one two
that was the first two lines of the first tune
of the first tape that i published through
bandcamp back in 2 0 1 2
when i drove on to this road to you
this bumpy road, its dusty tracks'
drum beats showed this unbeaten path
it started in the darkest part of this forest
i called for reinforcements at SP Forums
and they brought vibes that shined like spotlights
i started to run the second i got sight
and after a while i started to fly
so fast i bent time like Marty McFly
i went from hardly alright to hard to deny
in what seemed like a blink of an eye
from sinking in the sea to asending in the sky
i evolved a million years in one night
there's nothing like when the drums and rhymes combine
something like helixes when they intertwine
making my neck move like a coil
it might make me spasmic as a McPoyle
or maybe dramatic as Mickey Goldmill
i might crush and combust like a coal mill
i might just chill and let the cup spill
cold and utter silk like buttermilk
i stay up until the sun starts the drill
finish my route and upspark the L
actually thats a oney at least until
i catch up with these dastardly bills
actually the oney is more like twoey
or like a fourey if the bowl's kinda chewy
back to beats, i'm thankful for mine truly
i found a gold mine full of diamonds and rubies
gems drop in the name of Hip Hop
the name of B Real the name of Sen Dog
the name of Rakim the name of Biz Mark
the name of all them that made the kid spark
my favorite philosopher is not Descartes
its KRS, Hip Hop's the art
South Bronx is where it had its start
at least in the modern since, it has been part
of humanity since the birth of language
i think before we spoke we channeled it
as we chanted, enchanted
by the same magic that this fam flips
propers to Bob for this canvas
i'm chill as Bob Ross as i handle this
manifesting these magnificent trees
as they become clouds transformed with ease
into the breeze
clouds of sound that may bring storms
that may bring forms of life above worms
to where the bees swarm, its where to be for sure
up where the geese soar
up where we can see more
i'd say the beat propels the chopper
the way the breeze controls the condor
i came to bleed my heart out on the floor
patiently because i've got a lot in store
these rhymes came to me in a dream
P Funk was playing a free show down the street
wait a sec, this its reality
i'll be right back, i'm about to leave
then i got back and thank god i left
i caught the best show in the whole midwest
the godfather blessed the Free State Fest
if life is a class he aced the test
but i'm not trying to follow in his footsteps
i've got my own path and i'm on my own quest
i make my own plans, i clean my own mess
i live my own life, i do my own best
do i do my own thing? oh yes
i'm a soloist even when i do a duet
i'm'a grow with the long and winding tracklist
because i approach each song like its practice
Track Name: Muzak (feat. Dudley Perkins) - 2016
bask in the blast of the boom bap
jammin's natural as a whole foods rack
asking the cat to craft a new slap is
like asking to laugh, i have to do that
imagining life without its too sad
like imagining life without this muzak
this that sunday afternoon track
to snap the new jacks out the fool traps
it makes sense they call their tunes crack
you'd have to be on crack to rock those fast hats
rapping about how they slang this and blast that
you'd have to be wack to dig those asshats
but at least they practice a craft
something many millenials lack and its sad
engorging gigs until they gag
4G service and still they lag
virtually worthless and still they brag
like they saved the world with memes and hashtags
they're not that bad, i don't mean to act mad
i just can't stand how they can't understand
when bad meaning good goes back to being bad
its time to relook exactly where we're at
before we're on our back to take a dirt nap
lets hold strong as a napsack made of burlap

bathe in the bliss of the blessed boom bip
its that sunday afternoon flip
its that cruise the avenue without
a clue how to lose, feeling about as loose as
can be, simply groovin'
with this simple beat, its simply soothin'
suddenly all confusion
seems like it was only an illusion
in a rush things become convoluted
the benefits of patience are all inclusive
life is a test graded on improvement
flunk it or ace it, we all are students
love it or hate it you got to admit
its some beatiful shit to be able to live
regardless if a god can listen
we oughta praise and honor this
awesome place that brought us in
and then did not even charge us rent
my lord is the land, my landlord's a pimp
we all get forked by that corporate trident
but i won't let them taint my essence
i stay gratious since the greatest lessons
don't take a red cent, just take a second
think about the things you've been hatin'
and think about how much important information
you've been fortunate to take from them
not to mention the inspiration
it just wouldn't be the same without satan
we need symbols to train against
i thank my enemies for my strenght and grit
even more so than my fam and friends
it takes made pressure forming gems
Track Name: That Merry Little Breeze (with Kodaya) - 2010
Here's a long, long stretch
of shimmering sand,
and the palpitating shiver
of a poplar tree;
and a little breeze flitting,
at its own command,
o'er the quiver and the quaver
of a steel-blue sea.

And this saucy little breeze
flouncing in from off the sea,
will tousle, with impunity,
the bramble and the fern;
and blow into the faces of
the hornets and the bees;
and wrestle with the briars
standing thick across the burn.

Just notice how it pushes
through the juniper bushes;
and how easily it zooms
through the hemlock plumes.
Listen, as it mushes
through the sedges and the rushes
and slushes through the glooms
where the bittern booms.

And there, watch it crush
through the sand cherry brush,
tiptoeing on now
so very curiously;
while the little bunnies cuddle
in a huddle, where the lush
wild grapevines sprawl

Now it rises with a swirl
and the swallows, in a whirl,
start tobogganing upon it
in such bickering delight;
till it drops, with a haughty
little, naughty little twirl;
and the 'chippie-munks' scurry,
in a hurry, out of sight.

There it goes across the glade
on another escapade,-
perhaps to stagger through the crowded dells,
and swagger round the bends
of the dunes, and up the ridges,
and along the trails we laid;-
till it swerves around the curves
where the long vale ends.

O, it's racing back to me
at a very pretty pace;
it's enveloping my person
in its aerial embrace;
it is fluttering my garments
and caressing all my face,
with a pressure on my parted lips
in token of its grace.

And now- it's gone! And well i know
that it will not return again;
For its moods and melodizings are
but once,- and nevermore!
But I am human,- and a strain
of subtle pensiveness and pain,
for the vanished breeze, will linger
in my heart,- for evermore.