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released January 10, 2017




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Chopperman Lawrence, Kansas

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epic as fuck
Chopperman Green Dutch tape
over the top
like Opera Man on weekend update
saturday night lofi
no kind of concern for a monday
smack dab in the moment like
won't let another worry be in vain
what worry is worthy
i guess one regarding time waste
time wasted on misery
by letting yourself stay in the wrong place
the key to finding joy
as far as i know
is leaving what you hate
as far as can go
and keep the stuff you love
guard it, let it grow
i love the gritty beats
I love to kick a flow
so thats what i'ma do
until the cows come home
on these kind of loops
i kill it cold as Al Capone
murder for a jar of red rum
is a palindrome
i merk it just for fun
like a pack of wolves
savage as hell
like Z Savickas with a sasquatch kettlebell
can't help but rebel
i feel tough as nails beneath this brittle shell
when i feel captive my brain jolts
when i feel confined my blood boils
finger tips shoot lightening bolts
when i'm wound up like tesla coils
the key to finding joy
as far as i know
is leaving what you hate
as far as you can go
and keep the stuff you love
guard it, let it grow
I love the gritty beats
I love the izm smoke
keepin it movin now
stay still in the sea and you're sinking down
the galaxy embraces us as a whole
but never gave a fuck about the individual
not one of us just us as one
the one species that can discuss the Sun
that illuminates our puny place in the Milky Way
the killers slay right next to where the lily's sway
nothing really makes much sense
until we say yes to what is
facing the truth can be some rough but with
enough time it can make you tough as it
try to deny and it does the opposite
fragile is the facade of the fraudulent
acting off screen is mad exhausting
for everyone involved, save the drama please
reality is dramatic enough
when making ends meet takes a magical touch
like slaps from the Dutch
the beast had me in a stranglehold but
i broke free and now i'm coming back for its blood
with razor sharp raps that'll cut
inflated guts before the gas'll combust
the hot air i put out theres enough
good thing its balanced by this mountainous gust
up and then down, down and then up
volcanic analysis bound to erupt
the solitude tries to solidify
like when lava cools its hard to move when its dry
i might concoct optical drops for the common eye
not sure its possible but damnit i gotta try
there's some cures that hospitals just cannot apply
only art of the heart can pull the stomach knot untied
can't implant soul it has to grow gradual
like plants in the soil nourished by withstanding cold
lets go champ
stepping into the square circle
prepared to turn a rival's head purple
for the title, best not bet on their survival
they were already dead on their arrival
they brought knives to a fight full of rifles
even the ref is frightful, i go psycho
like old Mike Tyson wrestling a lion
i don't defy death, its death thats in defiance
when i clinch my fist around the mic and strike
quick like a viper with timing tight
float like a butterfly, sting like a bee
nobody busted rhymes like Ali
hospitalize a brick
i'm so mean i make medicine sick
traumatize a stone
i'm so cold i froze the microphone
frostbite a boulder
a giant block of ice is not colder
paralize a megalith
i'm so scary i could terrify an exorcist
terrorize a Pterodactyl
when i fly my Pegasus into battle
euthanize an instrumental
when i inject ruthless rhymes in the middle
vaporizing the indo
i've been blowin' since, oh, i forget yo
i can get high, i can get low
a bit bipolar and slightly schizo
but its alright, i need both sides
even though they might lead to ego rides
its no small task to swallow pride
if you can't it might swallow you live
and you'll be stuck in the stomach of a puppet
playing yourself like some sick ventriloquist
i skipped acting class and ripped the syllabus
if i play a role its an individualist
when i take hold of the pen and scribble its
fatal to more than the instrumental its
able to kill mental jibberish
listen to yourself like you listen to this
are you in control or living a script
written ficticious with restrictive intent
because the author of it does not give a shit
about anything other than the dividends
in this grid fitting in is expensive
we're conditioned to spend it the minute we get it
but materialism isn't the enemy
when reasonable it advances humanity
the enemy is imperialist greed
and it seems to be too powerful to beat
but i believe if enough of us defeat
our demons we can gut the mother beast
no justice, no motherfucking peace
so motherfuck those corrupt police
cowards with power get power trips
you can't protect and serve without courage
those who truly do get much respect
but the rest can get a sucker punch instead
like a boxer holds fists up to deflect
try not let them fuck with your head
when septic vibes get sent in your direction
trust your reflexes and duck the connection
there's nothing wrong with being defensive
it comes along with independence
i'm standing tall and intending
to fend for myself until the ending
life brings everyone to their knees
only the strong get back on their feet
get up!
on the shoulders of giants
dropping boulders on tyrants
obelisks pulverise them
with a piece of the earth they were trying
to claim they own when they stole it from lions
these wannabe dragons can't stump the sweet science
i'm slipping these jabs, ducking these crosses
jumping these obstacles, i got this
spitting raps is like skipping rope, just hopping
kick to snare, on the ground and off it
up and down, pumping muscles til exhaustion
guzzling water and huffing in oxygen
on a binge opposite of what its always been
clinching my fist to pull up my chin
over the bar and over again
going as hard as i ever have been
so inspired i'll never give in
so when i'm tired i'll catch that second wind
holding my cards with a develish grin
even though i'm givin it away if i win
after i buy a few things with it
like a new SP and name it Adrian
i'd use it for the hazy flips
and have another called Clubber for the craziness
also known as SP Baracus
with a black stripe and gold accents
perhaps even add some feather attachment
the stress doesn't stand a chance when
i connect the machine and commence the sampling
with the right attitude and the right amplitude
i travel to a high altitude
fly out the roost and find some power food
and bring some back so you guys can devour too
but don't expect it to be pre-chewed
its not a dish you can eat with a spoon
you need a fork, knife and teeth to tear through
the meat this stupendous beat just slow-brewed
for the troops from a true chief, respect due
if the loop was a soup it'd be grizzly bear stew
quite delectable and digestable
thats right, the instrumental's now intestinal
giving me energy indispensable
a minute previously it was infinitesimal
some things increase exponential
such is me and Dutch's best potential
futuristicly presidential
my credit's a mess but check my credentials
you just might bet your whole check that i won't lose
even if the rival is the referee's nephew
i'll never retreat so i'll never need an excuse
i'm not ready for peace so i refuse a refuge
i'll rest soon as my foes are in tombs
and i piss on the stones of them too
those with standards low get subdued
so the status quo can improve
the slow and stagnant get moving or get moved
i know its sad but its still the truth
but telling them that is like pulling a tooth
thats why so many rappers spit bull in the booth
following orders from a wolf in a suit
they sell their soul then fill the hole with the loot
then act bulletproof at the photo shoot
see them at the store and its a different story
nothing is corny as fraudulent glory
any home thats planned and built poorly
is prone to get blown down when its stormy
good morning
the darkest soil grows the most fruitful
harvest, toiling those shows true soul
can't fake teaching these pupils
about things you haven't seen with those pupils
if you go to a shrink with no wounds they'll
learn more from each episode than you will
i feel justified when i'm preachy
because i know what its like to be deep
in a rut, i can help you up out of the muck
because i was once stuck down in the stuff
bills piling up, feeling down on my luck
falling down and thinking bout not getting up
fuck that, we're not giving up
were giving it all we got and then some
at the bag hitting hard as the kick drum
and i'm not letting off til my fists numb
and drips blood, flipping it from
blue to crimson, i'm spitting redrum
still on a mission to win consistent
til competition is nonexistent
knocking them out quick as Sonny Liston
lickedy split, no split decision
i'm back and attacking foes with a vengeance
throwing viscious blows with no repentance
i don't hold grudges but won't forget shit
and won't pull punches for those on my shit list
my shit list reads something like this
ignorance, jealousy, self-righteousness
racism, apathy, senseless violence
anything that breeds hostile environments
even though hostile environments
breed the growth chock-full of vitamins
i think the globe has enough incredible art
i wouldn't want to be the next Mozart
i want to have some fun before i depart
and spread love before this heart gets torn apart
you don't have to go way hard to take part
and there's no such thing as a late start
every beginning is right on time
unless you hit the gas at a red stoplight
Track Name: LET'S GO CHAMP
riding my bike at dawn
on a rural trail
writing my rhymes as calm
as a rural snail
don't mind if that one's dumb
i was born to fail
thats the way to learn to win
one day i will prevail
overcome this worrysomeness
and reclaim my joy
i trained my brain and the strength i gained
its time to employ
pushing forth in second gear
because first is too slow
and third's too fast on this gravel path
to the great unknown
i escaped the misery
that expectations bring
when i embraced the mystery
that lets us think and dream
for ourselves with free will
without chains or strings
innately licensed to ill
MCA rest in peace