Never Same As Yesterday

by Chopperman

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beats for tracks 6 through 9 by Chopperman
rhymes and art by Chopperman


released November 29, 2016



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Chopperman Lawrence, Kansas

pull oxygen deep
and with exhalation
also release
all expectations

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Track Name: Like That (beat by Dibiase)
brace your brains, its time for rhymes
to break the chains, bars slicing like some
sci-fi laser rays shining like some
lightning striking, i blaze and blaze
in ways that awaken, not blinding with
the brightness, more like providing
micro sight to scope inside your own iris
at clouds of Orion, my oh my
no denying those lines so i hope you don't try it
i'm a phantom when quiet but when sampling, a riot
when writin', a titan, i'm bragging and you like it
its Chopperman, no butler no sidekick
no superpowers but the butter flow i spit
surface calm but the undertow's hectic
and wrecks quick as a Holly Holm head kick
but i pick myself up, dust myself off
and get ready to jump the next writer's block
my ink pen emancipates my mental state
opposite the way the state pen does the inmates
i concentrate on the verse
and escape anxiety's awful curse
convincing us contentment is too far to reach
when all you needs a minute to stop and breathe
pull oxygen deep and with exhalation
also release all expectations
the present moment is perfection frozen
unless you go against the motion
intuition in its wisdom
sent a memo to end this poem
like that
Track Name: Never Same As Yesterday (beat by aatmalife)
my pen grew wings, its flying through beats
the bird's eye view makes finding jewels a breeze
truth gems, the kind of tools i need
to remind the fool in me the smarter dude's the chief
i have a side thats stupid and weak
i try and i try not to let him speak
or decide what kind of food that i eat
how much to drink or when to go to sleep
when the fool makes the calls the crew takes the falls
and the older we are, the harder to shake it off
thats why old folks drive all slow
decades of potholes take a large toll
the rain is no joke, you may get so soaked
you catch pneumonia but it makes the soul grow
same as the petunias and the produce
no rainstorms means no fruits
so when it pours i say thanks for the oranges
thanks for the golden grains, they're gorgeous
thanks for teaching us how to sing from the core with
and understanding of the change in our voices
in this constant state of metamorphosis
its important expectations are.. thesaurus?
magnanimous, i can't stand it when
a past accident's brought up like it just happened, i'm
never same as yesterday
nor defined by past mistakes
try to put me in a frame
thats a frame that i'm about to break
i'm never same as yesterday
nor defined by past mistakes
try to put me in a frame
best believe i'll break out that thing

my inner demons don't stand a chance
they're underneath a snow avalanche
buried deep by these cold ass jams
that remind me of ideas to hold as rams
to break down walls that ban soul from man
codependent as soil and plant
so water those seeds and toil that land
artwork can seize the turmoil at hand
in this savage world there's much we can't control
but that's what steadies my hand to draw
greedy fucks can take these bucks of mine
but they can't make me mess up this line
the drought can dry up the crops
but i doubt it fries up the chops
the rain drops can flood the streets
but can't drown out the funky Beats

start every verse with something to quote
or don't
start every song from the heart
or nart
its your art, my one suggestion
is don't suppress it, build skills to express it
from simple as checkers to complex as chess is
let me check which pawn next to flex with...
Track Name: And We're Outta Here (beat by kautzallainen)
when the wind blows the rhymes drop like pinecones
Emily Dickenson couldnt kick a liver poem
i know the braggadocio is atrocious
as my dome grows big as Pinocchio's nose is
when hes a culprit of the bullshit
like politicians he's obviously full of it
its opposite when Chopper spits
dropping facts in proper raps
honest with the rawest scripts
on the riffs and off a spliff
from the one to the two
on to three and the four
up and down, grooving through
rocking beats back and forth
funk is love through and through
west and east, south and north
all around, no need to reroute the course
from the reefs of the floor of the sea to the golden
beach of the shore to the trees of the forest
to the peaks of the mountains to the ice of the clouds in
the sky to the gaseous orb we fly around and
around, year after year
until space travel's abound, then we're outta here
Track Name: Lotus Lake (beat by Chief Bob)
hard to keep a straight face in this strange place
i'm constantly amazed by the things that take place
our greatest thinkers pave the way
with neighbors dangerous as great apes
hate makes man a cold animal
a wild mammal that'll crack a skull's mandible
then smile and snarl at the same time
sometimes the face i make when i say rhymes
riding breaks and righteous bass lines
making my escape from the side where snakes dine
all goals seem impossible seen from
a negative mind afraid that it might
fail if it tries and failure is a fate worse
than death from that delusional state turning
around and around downward and downward
til it splats on the ground unless you're a bouncer
i'm building trampolines at rock bottom
so the top of the pit is not as daunting
i'm not a saint just a dude trying to do right
so my conscience is clear as a raccoon's sight
in the moonlight to think straight for a smooth slice
through plights, cutting clean as Ginsu knives
taking spiritual flights to new heights
up where the earth looks like a big ball of blue skies
or the light at the end of a tunnel
its the Golden Lotus World even when we get pummeled
the king of this jungle
couldn't eat without the teeth to rip muscle
no rumble no pride, no hustle no feast
no struggle no prize, no tussle no peace
hide from the dark side and it sneaks
up from behind prowling sly as a linx
the frequent onslaught of problems will teach
you to stay on your toes until you tire your feet
exhausting but its the only way
to slow down time enough to seize the day
sleep too late and stink's the way
you'll find the final easter egg
first to wake gets the freshest bait
to catch the largest fish in Lotus Lake
Track Name: Knowhatimsayin?
its Chopperman all day like Theo
gotta send a shout out to Crazie Locs
and everyone else doing their thing
and stuff like that, knowhatimsayin?
Bert is fat, knowhatimsayin?
its like... knowhatimsayin?
shout out to the Bristol stool chart
let's take a moment for The Cincinnati Fart

its Chopper but they call me Duct Tape
Duct Tape gon get your ass today, ha!
sup Kane! sup Top Dog
no need to answer the knock knock
or the blonde joke or the one about the Polack
don't let Charo stop the brown talk
or even cut the story short
another moment for the Orlando airport

big up King Ass Ripper
passing gas massive as the Big Dipper
Maria might say its disgusting
but like diarrhea the shit is gut busting
like a Steven Segal action movie
where they cut in lue of him actually moving
shout out DJ Dad Mouth
and Christina P, holding down Your Mom's House
Track Name: Hop Stoopid
yearning to say freestyle rhymes
but still learning to tame this wild mind
from time to time it spirals down
until i can't find a thing to smile about
like the subconscious clouds brought around
a storm that made all the lights go out
but i don't pout, i just count my blessings
and remember how each bout brings lessons
constant acceptance conquers regression
chopper's suggestions are bonkers, no question
but they work, i'm sure since i test them
no guess work for the war of the mind veteran
i find negative thought patterns and
fight restless to make them stop happening
like a doctor trying to cure
his own virus before his time's no more
so i write and record raw rhymes galore
to build up my shield and sharpen my sword
the brain gains strength same as the frame
breaking the thing down, facing the pain
of heavy lifting, its the only way
to increase the weight that we can overtake
i don't know - i think, but i think well
as logic sinks in to fill my inkwell
although not so when i drink til
i can't see straight then continue to drink still
my go-to is Lagunitas Hop Stoopid
all too frequent i drink it and chop stupid
open up my rhyme book and write stupid
plop down at the laptop and type stupid
shuffle to the vocal booth and rock stupid
stumble to the drafting table and draw stupid
and hop stoopid becomes the motto
and how foolish am i when its right there on the bottle
my gut sends my dome such strong signals
all rational thought goes out the window
zombified on the ride to the store
not for brains but for grains of brew to pour
22 ouncers, 2 to 4
to the gourd hit hard as a 2 by 4
its not just a fued, its war
when a demon's in your stomach with a spoon and fork
there's two ways to slay it, one is impalement
the other's starvation of the assailant
both are utterly excruciating
but only the latter can see us through to safety
will power's more precious than gold bars
with control, our soul can reflect the stars
not the ones you see on a screen
the ones you see in the sky when you leave the city
out where the cosmos swallow egos
forming the compost that helps the hero seeds grow
Track Name: Like This
its so vital to know how to slow down
when spinning out of control into loco town
when all the input has me overwhelmed
its time to go to with more natural realm
nothing breaks me out the maze
like riding my bike out to Clinton Lake
exercise has to be the best kind of stress relief
especially outside where the trees refresh the breeze
and the lungs are pleased with each breath they breathe
relieved to be free from the city's impurities
clean air prevents and cures disease
better than any medicine in pharmacies
i'm no doctor obviously
i don't gotta be to hear this heart in me
used properly the microphone's like a stethoscope
used wrong its more like a colorectal scope
used right it diffuses light as dope
as a kaleidescope to provide a wider scope
a birds eye view shows the climb to have a slighter slope
the heightened sight is sweeter than an apple cider float
or marshmallows roasted in campfire smoke
the lower view stays dark as a vampire cloak
i felt boxed in a cage until a broader range
brought the change that showed me how to unlock the thing
like this